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When it comes to industrial pumping solutions, pipes can make all the difference between an effective system and an inefficient, poorly performing one. Choosing to opt for inferior quality piping can not only increase your risk of cavitation, it can also cause premature failure of your pump system. If you want your pumping system to be reliable and successful, it is important to engage an experienced supplier and installer.

At Truflo, we are proud to serve Australian industry with quality solutions and professional advice, and we want to see every client enjoy many years of reliable service from our pump systems. In this blog post, we will detail the importance of piping.

Piping – Need and Purpose
The need for quality piping is rather self-explanatory, as the pipes are responsible for transporting liquids to/from the pump. When designed properly, liquids will flow smoothly throughout your pumping system and you are unlikely to face any issues. Problems occur when pipes are poorly designed, and issues can range from minor to severe.
Below, we will highlight some of the most common issues experienced due to poor pump design.

Inverted U Shape Piping
Connecting a U-shaped pipe system to the suction side of your pump will significantly impair pump efficiency, and it can also cause suction cavitation. Industrial pumping systems are designed to move vast quantities of liquids with varying viscosities, and it simply makes no sense to have this liquid get choked up at the suction point due to poor design.
Instead, pipes should be installed in a logical manner which assists in the movement of liquid rather than impede it. One way of going about this is to have your pipes sloping downward at the suction point. Unless necessary, use of turns in your piping should be avoided as this reduces efficiency and cause air to become trapped. This air/vapour will then travel through your pipe system, causing damage to the impeller. Suction cavitation is a severe problem, but your risk can be minimised through intelligent pipe design.

Why is Cavitation an Issue?
The first signs of cavitation are usually audible, in the form of loud bangs and popping sounds. If vapour bubbles begin to form within the liquid, you have an issue with cavitation. These bubbles contain large amounts of energy, and as they move into the impeller, they can cause severe damage. For more information on cavitation, please see our previous blog post.
Solving cavitation through pipe design is simple. We recommend the following:
• Pipes should be straight leading to the impeller
• Use of varying pipe diameters (we recommend at least 5) to the impeller
• Avoid U-Shaped/Elbow pipes at the suction area of your pump
• T-Fittings should also not be placed near the pump inlet

Need Further Assistance? Contact Us Today
Designing and installing industrial pumps requires careful thought and consideration, and the team at Truflo are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. As a valued customer, we want you to enjoy many years of reliable service from our quality products.
Please contact us today – we look forward to assisting you.

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