Trailer Mounted Pumps

Tru-Flo Trailer Mounted Pumps are designed for mining and contractor companies; tough, compact, high performance pumps.
Designed to provide manoeuvrable, easy to handle, rugged and extremely reliable with the highest of efficiencies possible.

Used extensively by major rental and dewatering contractors, they continue to out perform others every time.

  • Large solids handling capacity
  • Pump high volumes of suspended silt and slurry
  • Chromium Stainless Steel abrasion resistant impeller and wear rings
  • Cycloseal slurry expeller veins on impellers
  • Thermosyphen™ dry run slurry seal
  • 50cfm high performance vacuum pump
  • Close coupled to diesel motor via SAE coupling
  • Super heavy duty construction skid
  • Minimum 24 hours fuel tank capacity in skid
  • Push bar designed for large dozers and earthmoving equipment to push around and drag the pumps
  • Available with Caterpillar or Cummins engine option
  • Central lifting equipped with canopy to suit, providing heavy duty protection from fly rock etc
  • Pump Master  control system – offering unmatched features and performance

Optional Accessories:

  • Available in trailer mount or skid mount configuration
  • Dual axle heavy duty trailer
  • Suction jib and pipe lifting winch
  • High lift skid
  • Radio communication for water cart filling
  • MDG-15 inclusions and compliance
  • Remote fuel tank fuel control valves
  • Sound attenuated enclosure
  • Wed based monitoring and control
  • Radio communication and networking