Sound Enclosed Pumps

Varisco Vacuum-Prime Super Silenced Pump

The Varisco Albatross super-silenced pump has been designed and manufactured in Italy, producing a high quality pump, built with robust and enduring cast and ductile iron castings. The sound proof canopy reduces running noise levels to 55-60 db(A) at 10m.

The open canopy design ensures maintenance is simplified due to the easily accessible impeller, wear plates and mechanical seal. The clever canopies open up on either side of the pump to provide direct access to the complete unit.

The systems SAE engine unit couples the pump directly to the engine preventing coupling failure which is an important feature for any equipment working unsupervised for long periods of time.

The vacuum pump allows the unit to be primed automatically and capable of drawing significant quantities of air, allowing the priming of a wellpoint system and maintaining it under vacuum, or draining an excavation thoroughly under “snore” conditions.

With dry run capabilities and flows up to 7,830 L/min, heads up to 58m and solids handling to 76mm this pump is sure to meet any project dewatering requirements.

Easily Accessible
– doors open upwards for easy access to the engine and pump
High resistance
– to abrasive liquids and turbid sandy waters
Noise reduced
-reduces running noise levels to 55-60dba at 10m
Superior simplex separator
– fully mechanical patented system with automatic condensate recovery
Suction connections near ground level
– suction at only 0.7 m from ground level
Easy monitoring of fuel and pressure
– external gauges outside the canopy
Secure locking
– fully lockable unit for security on control panel door and canopies
Self cleaning
– automated self-cleaning of complete system



Sludge and Slurry

  • Drainage of excavations, canals or ponds
  • Construction site dewatering
  • Quarries


Ground Water Dewatering

  • Wellpoint dewatering systems
  • Horizontal drainage with drainage hoses


Emergency Duty

  • Drainage after flooding or torrential rains
  • Temporary sewage pumping
  • Firefighting