Longblock Pumps

Longblock pumpsets are regarded as a lifetime asset; extremely heavy duty the Vac-Assist pumps are manufactured with white iron impellers and wear parts providing a very reliable, long life pump unit able to stand the harsh mining applications.
Tru-Flo’s vacuum system is one of the fastest and strongest on the market allowing water suction for long distances; the pump is built to run in semi-dry applications or commonly known as ‘snore’.

The Vac-Assist pump design  is to suck water from the sumps and face of the mining operations where large heads and flows are often required.


TF2.5YH/37 Junior Longblock : 20L/sec @ 75 mtr TDH

TF4HC/45 Junior Longblock : 45L/sec @ 60 mtr TDH

TF6822MX/315 Senior Longblock : 150L/sec @ 110 mtr TDH

TF4RB/110 Longblock : 75L/sec @ 100 mtr TDH