Jumbo Pumps™


TRU-FLO PUMPING SYSTEMS are the Australasian importer (distributor) for Cornell Pump Company and stock over $6.2 Million Dollars of Cornell Pumps and spare parts in Australia.  Along with this, Tru-Flo manufacture and distribute Helical rotor pumps known as Heli-Flo for underground mine dewatering and Jumbo Pumps for ‘face & sump ’underground dewatering.

The Tru-Flo Jumbo™ Pump has been designed to make underground ‘face’ dewatering efficient, safe and effective including several distinct safety and efficiency advantages for face dewatering over against using the ‘old’ style submersible pumps.

The undergound miners favorite; “Overall the Jumbo Pumps is a safer, more reliable, efficient and less expensive way of removing mere water from the face” Extract from a study conducted by Newcrest mining.

Tru-Flo’s warehouse carries extensive stock of the popular Jumbo Pump and critical spare parts.

  • Less downtime at the face with pump issues
  • High discharge pressure capacity, enabling less pumps and reducing operation costs
  • Longer periods between maintenance intervals; up to 8-10 months between impeller adjustments
  • Reduced rebuild costs – 80% less than the traditional 20kW submersible pump to rebuild
  • Lower power consumption, the electric motor is only 15kW

Safety Advantages:

  • No electric cable
  • No lifting heavy pumps; only light suction hose
  • Electrics away from water; Jumbo Pump is mounted
  • No back injury