IRTEC Hard Hose Irrigators

IRTEC has been producing irrigation machines and equipment for 25 years in their high-tech production plant. This easy to use, quality assured equipment is very affordable keeping costs down for farming customers.


Turf irrigation | Crop irrigation | Vineyard irrigation | Dust suppression


  • Energy efficient – turbine close coupled to main gearbox
  • Turbine made of special aluminium alloy with built-in by-pass and speed equalizer
  • Operates at low pressures and volumes
  • 3-4 or 6 speed oil filled gearboxes, auto brake
  • Rugged frame design
  • Hose made of special polyethylene at high resistance
  • Hose able to maintain constant rewind rate
  • Rain gun trolley, galvanised, adjustable wheels width
  • High efficiency rain gun, configurable,  plus nozzles kit
  • Hi-tech computer – savings on water, energy and time
  • Remote monitoring of performance and adjustments


  • Range of spray booms,
  • Diesel pump units and
  • Tractor PTO pumps
  • Complete range of over ground mains and hydrants

Computer Technology:

The computer monitoring system has a number of functions

  • Programming and control of rewind speed throughout the irrigation session
  • Initial pause or delay of hose rewind
  • Final Pause – delayed open/shut-off to valve
  • Delayed start
  • Stand by of working operations in case of lack of pressure and resume operations when pressure is back

Product Gallery

See some of the product range in the gallery*

  • Turf Farm Irrigation – 110/350
  • Vineyard Irrigation  – 110/300
  • Lucerne Crop/Turf Farm Irrigation – 125/400
  • Small Acreage Irrigation – 70/150
  • Large Acreage Irrigation – 150/300

* Dimensions are PE Hose Diameter(mm)/PE Hose Length (m)

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