Electric Pontoons

Tru-Flo electric pontoons are used extensively by mining companies throughout the diverse ranges of applications that mining demands.

From acidic leachate ponds, to dredge pontoons our range is diverse and adaptable to suit your requirements. Steel constructed or Roto mould HDPE cells are available, with the option of foam filling for indestructible buoyancy. Access to your pontoon is available through various systems from floating to spanning walk ways.

Tru-Flo manufacture to your site specific and installation requirements, providing a purpose built solution to suit your application precisely.

  • Tailing return pumps
  • Water evaporation projects
  • CHPP supply water pumps
  • Underground or fire water supply pumps
  • Leachate water pumps
  • Dewatering pumps

Tru-Flo’s reliable pump packages makes the choice easy.