Diesel Pontoons

Tru-Flo diesel pontoons are manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian and Indonesian open cut mining conditions, engineering approvals available for specific compliance displacement and weight carrying capacity.

  • Designed to be dragged and skidded in rough mining terrain
  • Fitted with super heavy duty push bar to suit towing and pushing with earth-moving equipment
  • Manufactured in three module sections. specifically for condensed shipping and sea freight containers
  • Fitted with hand rails, knee rail and kick rail to Australian standards
  • Supplied with two life rings, nylon ropes and keeper hooks
  • Pontoon is QA pressure tested prior to painting
  • Compartment inspection hatches inclusive
  • Four rugg lug, pontoon chain lift points
  • 100mm bollards and rope anchors fitted in each corner
  • Heavy duty chain eyelets for drag chain hitch points
  • Skid runners manufactured from rectangular hollow sections
  • Replaceable wear strips under skid runners, Bisaloy wear plates available on request
  • Pontoon is primes and painted with high build two pack epoxy paint in accordance with Tru-Flo’s ‘mine spec’ coating and bake procedure