How to Achieve Efficient Crop Irrigation

By superadmin on June 13, 2018 in Blog

To achieve efficient crop irrigation, the focus should be on uniformity. The crops in different areas should receive adequate amounts of water during each irrigation session. This can be accomplished by choosing the irrigation system that is appropriate for your operation. To do that, knowledge about the following is usually required: Plant species Growth stages of your crops The plants’ root structure Soil composition & land formation Knowledge of equipment & system design   Often, the

Tru-Flo Supplies Unique Trailer Pump To WA Mine

By superadmin on May 27, 2018 in Vac-Assist Pumps

Tru-Flo Pumps was asked to design a unique trailer mounted pump for their WA mining customer. The customer needed a TF200/180 Vac-Assist C Series pumpset with an extra-large fuel tank that could be moved around their extensive mine site with ease and operate for lengthy periods unattended.This meant the standard trailer mounted pump would be redesigned to meet the clients specific needs. Tru-Flo’s design team worked for the client to develop a unique dog-leg trailer which

How to Do Proper Pump Selection for Mine Dewatering

By superadmin on May 13, 2018 in Blog, News

Pump selection for mine dewatering is a huge cost decision (both in upfront and operating costs). In addition, the proper selection of the pump for this purpose may greatly affect the efficiency and safety of many mine operations. To accomplish this, it’s best to focus on the objective of mine dewatering. Then, we’ll discuss what the role of the pump is in the whole project and how to select the proper one for optimal results and

3 Economical Tips on Selecting Agricultural Irrigation Pumps

By superadmin on April 13, 2018 in Blog, News

Selecting agricultural irrigation pumps is a huge task because of their long-term use and costs. For instance, poor performance may have a direct effect to crop production. This could translate to thousands of dollars of lost income and productivity. In addition, the wrong choice of pump could even damage your irrigation system. That’s why here in this article let’s discuss a few economical tips to make the right choice. Along the way we’ll also discuss other

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