Slurry Submersible Pumps and the Mining Industry

By superadmin on July 18, 2018 in News

A miner is someone who knows what hard work is all about. Not only does the miner work hard, but they expect their equipment to work hard for them as well. This is why they choose TruFlo Pumps when it comes time to purchase slurry submersible pumps to help them get the job done. Miners want equipment that is just as tough as they are, and they do not want to worry about downtime due to

Mine Tanks Important Aspect Of Dewatering Systems

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When looking for reliable and durable mine tanks for job sites, take into consideration exactly what you are looking for. Because of the tough environment in which these tanks exist, the quality of the unit is an important consideration. The overall design of tank from the body to the overall function plus the quality of the provider is significant. It is important that the tank itself functions at a high level and can quickly and easily

Industrial Pumps Through TruFlo Pumps

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Industries need stability and strength in their pumps. When you own your own business, you cannot afford to let your pumps break down. This costs large amounts of money and time, two things you cannot afford to squander when you do not need to. That is why TruFlo Pumps offer strong industrial pumps at an affordable price. TruFlo Pumps’ industrial pumps are proven to work in the toughest of applications. You do not have to worry

In Mining Industry, TruFlo Delivers Best Helical Rotor Pumps

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For dewatering solutions in the mining industry, TruFlow Pumping Systems is the only destination. A family owned and operated business since 1992, TruFlo helical rotor pumps use stainless steel to ensure resistance to corrosion and erosion. Bearings are contained in heavy-duty housings to protect them from the environment of an underground mine. All of the rotors, of course, are made of stainless steel as well to protect against abrasion and corrosion. A helical rotor pump is

High Quality Positive Displacement Pump

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A positive displacement pump is used for a constant flow of liquids at a near constant speed. However, internal leaks prevent the speed from being completely constant. TruFlo Pumps is the company to provide the best quality positive displacement pump for all of your needs. They are the pumping specialists. Quality is one of the most important factors when looking for anything, especially with pumps. TruFlo Pumps offers quality in all of their merchandise, making it

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