The Right Diesel Pump for You

By superadmin on July 18, 2018 in News

Diesel pumps are one of the more important pumps, as they are used in an incredibly wide range of applications and industries. The most common use of the diesel pump is probably in truck engines. When considering these tough vehicles, you realise you need to have a tough pump to work with them. That is why TruFlo Pumps is pumping you with solutions. TruFlo Pumps works to ensure that all of their merchandise is tough enough

The Pumping Specialists’ Slurry Submersible Pump

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The slurry submersible pump is used to get minerals out from under water. These pumps need to be especially durable, since the minerals they transport can often be volatile and corrosive. These minerals have a tendency to jam in the pumps, so TruFlow pumps make theirs tough to prevent any corrosion and jamming. Less maintenance means less hassle, more time and much more satisfaction. That is why wherever there’s mining TruFlow Pumps is there. TruFlow Pumps

The Mining Slurry Pump

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When mining, you need to make sure you have a slurry pump on hand. These pumps allow you access to all the slurry you need to collect and move it efficiently. Additionally, this equipment requires much less maintenance than others that perform similar tasks. However, these pumps still require heavy-duty durability to get the job done right, and no one offers heavy duty like TruFlo Pumps. TruFlo Pumps has custom parts in all of their pumps

The Best In Dewatering Systems From TruFlo

By superadmin on July 18, 2018 in News

When ground is broken on a new construction site, many times contractors will run into problems with groundwater or water gathering in trenches. To keep working on schedule, a dewatering system will be needed to remove excess water. TruFlow Pumping Systems has been in the pumping industry for over twenty years and understands that not every dewatering job is the same. With that in mind, TruFlo will find the best quality pump for the job and

Slurry Submersible Pumps and the Mining Industry

By superadmin on July 18, 2018 in News

A miner is someone who knows what hard work is all about. Not only does the miner work hard, but they expect their equipment to work hard for them as well. This is why they choose TruFlo Pumps when it comes time to purchase slurry submersible pumps to help them get the job done. Miners want equipment that is just as tough as they are, and they do not want to worry about downtime due to

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