Dewatering – Hiring VS Buying a Pump

By superadmin on June 14, 2019 in Blog

Site dewatering is commonplace on just about any construction site, and when done efficiently it allows the build to progress according to schedule. Many construction and engineering firms may be wondering whether it is worth investing in a pump or hiring according to the application. In this blog post, we will highlight the reasons why we feel a quality pumping system is a great investment for business owners.

What is dewatering?
If the name didn’t already give it away, dewatering is the process of removing water from a construction site. The water is typically directed away from the site through a series of pipes, and it can also be stored in a dam or dedicated storage containers. Once the water has been removed, construction workers can get to work laying foundations without risk of water intrusion which could damage materials and hold up the proceedings.
Reasons to Invest in a Quality Pump
Dewatering is often required throughout the entire project, and the added cost and inconvenience of hiring can quickly become bothersome. Investing in a quality pump gives you great piece of mind, as you will always be prepared to take care of issues. The initial cost may be higher than simply hiring a pump, but you can expect many years of reliable performance from a properly designed and well-maintained pumping system from Truflo.
When you own a dewatering pump, you can:
• Lower the water table as required
• Lay foundations in dry conditions
• Create more useable space
• Support your shoring system
• Remove excess rainwater after heavy downpours

Considerations to Take into Account
1. You should always consider the scale of your job before selecting a pump. The size and environmental conditions of your job site will affect the configuration and efficiency of your pump. For example in winter you may experience freezing temperatures on your site, therefore you will need more insulation on your pumps for protection against the elements. The team at Truflo are on hand ready to help you choose the right pump for your business, rest assured you are in safe hands when you partner with us.
2. Diesel or Electric Pumps: You will need to decide whether a diesel or electric pump will best suit your needs. Technology has come a long way, and diesel pumping systems now offer quiet, reliable year-round performance. You can select from super silent pumps, or opt for standard diesel pumps which are slightly noisier. Many job sites are equipped with generators, so electric submersible pumps are another option you may wish to explore.
3. Type of Pump: There are many different types of dewatering pumps including wellpoint dewatering, vertical well systems, horizontal dewatering and vacuum jumbo wells. Think about the most common tasks you carry out on site before making a purchase decision.
4. Always seek Professional Advice: Pumping systems are complex, and when you are investing a significant amount of money you deserve to get a system which will serve your needs both now and into the future. At Truflo we aim to create long term relationships with our clients. We take various factors into account such as the size of your site, required flow, estimated pump run times, distance and more into account when designing dewatering systems. As a specialist supplier, we stand by our products and aim to provide exceptional standards of customer service.

If you own a business and have plenty of work in the pipeline, owning your own pumping system is a great investment to make. Not only do you benefit from expert service by dedicated professionals, you also avoid the hassle and expenditure involved with hiring on an as-needed basis.