Vac-Assist C Series Pumps

Incorporating all the features that have made these pumps the No.1 choice for so many mining companies around the globe. C Series denotes the major mining pumps in our range most widely used by the larger mining companies who demand extremely reliable high performance pumping.

  • Large solids handling capacity
  • Pump high volumes of suspended silt and slurry
  • Chromium Stainless Steel abrasion resistant impeller and wear rings
  • Cycloseal slurry expeller veins on impellers
  • Thermosyphen™ dry run slurry seal
  • 50cfm high performance vacuum pump
  • Close coupled to diesel motor via SAE coupling
  • Super heavy duty construction skid
  • Minimum 24 hours fuel tank capacity in skid
  • Push bar designed for large dozers and earth moving equipment to push around and drag the pumps
  • Available with Caterpillar or Cummins engine option
  • Central lifting equipped with canopy to suit, providing heavy duty protection from fly rock etc
  • Pump Master control system – offering unmatched features and performance


  • Available in trailer mount or skid mount configuration
  • Duel discharge
  • Suction jib and pipe lifting winch
  • Super titan high lift skid
  • Side access platforms and stairs
  • High flow fuel filling systems
  • MDG-15 inclusions and compliance
  • Remote fuel tank fuel control valves
  • Sound attenuated enclosure
  • Wed based monitoring and control
  • Radio communication and networking