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With an extensive fleet of industrial and mining pumping equipment, our manufacturing capacity means we not only develop strategic solutions to suit your application and your circumstances, we have the capability to roll these out. Tru-Flo delivers an integrated platform of value driven and market leading capabilities for engineering of world class pumping equipment. We bring together extensive capabilities with flexible assurance processes that are optimal for mining projects and assets. We work across the complete project and asset life-cycle, and tailor our approaches to customers’ specific needs to ensure every pump is delivered successfully.


Genuine parts: Built to fit – Made to last

If it’s not a genuine Tru-Flo part, it shouldn’t be in your pump

services-4There are nearly 10,000 different Tru-Flo Genuine Parts products. Every single one of these parts is of the utmost importance to us, because the know-how that goes into them has led us to become one of the world’s largest pump package manufacturers, and to keep growing day by day.

All Tru-Flo Genuine Parts were specially developed with the pump models for which they were designed. They consistently offer the same high level of quality, and performance through unique design and highest grade materials that you can trust. With Genuine Parts, you can enjoy faster repair times and optimal performance.

At Tru-Flo, the accuracy of fit goes beyond mere measurements. They are also materially compatible with all other production materials used by Tru-Flo, which ensures longevity with your pump and gives significant product category advantage. Furthermore, you benefit from the latest technical advancements in current Tru-Flo production pumps, since they are also applied to Genuine Parts products, as well.

Even in terms of price, Genuine Parts products are ultimately the better choice, when the overall costs of a pump’s entire service life are taken into account. Due to the level of parts that headoffice warehouse stocks, we can promise you the best prices for Genuine Parts. In other words, by opting for Tru-Flo Genuine Parts, you can never go wrong. They are high quality and reliable – just like your Tru-Flo pump.

How you benefit

Tru-Flo Genuine Parts embody the expertise and competence of the Tru-Flo brand and offer unique advantages to those who operate Tru-Flo Pumps:

  • Ex-stock or low lead times
  • Current production engineering standards
  • The highest quality standards
  • No compromise in materials quality
  • Safety
  • Optimum accuracy of fit
  • Full range of nearly 10,000 Genuine Parts items for all Tru-Flo models
  • Favourable value for money
  • Australian made or distributed

We design, manufacture & deliver


Our engineering and design capabilities are a unique combination of open-cut and underground mine pump equipment partnered with technical expertise and extensive experience.

We are driven to deliver value for money, something we consider fundamental.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals and hand-picked technical engineers who are experts in their fields. They have extraordinary track records in the design and delivery of infrastructure projects.

We adopt leading practice and the latest code and software to provide our customers with a range of services, from studies and front end design engineering, through to detailed design. Our service focused approach combines flexibility with innovation, giving our customers fit for purpose solutions across every stage.


Our production management experience is broad and varied, just like our clients. Our knowledge and experience in establishing and managing ‘design and supply’ contracts means we understand what it takes to run a commercially successful and safe operation.

Based in Bathurst, NSW, Tru-Flo Pumping System has an extensive 6000m² workshop floor holding wide-ranging manufacturing equipment, sand blast room, bake oven, CNC machinery, overhead cranes, milling machines.

This means we are completely equipped for any size job and can manage all works in house. Our experience includes both construction and electrical works. We have an exemplary safety record thanks to our experienced team of operators, allowing jobs to be executed safely, every time.